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Whether the models are mass-produced or made to size(!), akk LIC straps are created with the same care for perfection by a team of skilled and experienced craftsmen.
Creativity, refinement, good taste and flawless finishing are LIC's trade marks.
The brand name, engraved in the stram, makes its immaculate quality authentic. Furthermore, LIC owns a personalised buckle. LIC straps are soft, supple, hard-wearing, non-allergic and a pleasure to have on. Their beauty is equalled only by their quality: they are made to defy time.

As a specialised watchmaker, you always demand the highest quality.
LIC is always at your service to supply futher information. We can also personalise the inside of the LIC straps with your name and logo. Another service that will enhance the prestige of your collection.


Pleasant to wear and pleasant to look at, refined and solid. LIC straps in leather: a world of difference.
The difference between an ordinary watch and a watch you can cherish